About Us

A law firm that thinks like a business.

Billable hours. High overhead. Excessive staffing. Most law firms are inefficient and outdated. We challenge the status quo. Drumm Law began with the idea that a law firm should be treated like a business and run like a business. We rely on technology, specialization, quality people and low overhead to provide high quality affordable legal services to our clients.


Our Tale

Mike Drumm worked in the franchise section of a national law firm. Suit and tie every day. Weekly status meetings. Software that was written in the 1990’s. Committees. Billable hour requirements. In 2010 he thought he could do it better and Drumm Law was born. Our client base has increased tenfold since our launch in 2010 and continues to grow almost exclusively through referrals from clients and industry suppliers.



Virtual Law Firm

Drumm law is a virtual law firm. We do not have an expensive downtown office and the overhead that goes with it. We call, email, text, Skype, chat, “goto,” webinar, facebook, linkedin, meet, tweet, and greet our clients. Our attorneys are located throughout the country. While we do have conference rooms available when needed, we much prefer to meet our clients over lunch or drinks.



Fee Philosophy

The usual billing method for law firms is the billable hour where lawyers charge an hourly rate for each lawyer that works on your issue. This model encourages inefficiency. We fight the billable hour. Our attorneys are not judged by the hours they bill but rather the quality of the work and the client relationships. Drumm Law works with our clients to establish alternative fee structures. We work on fixed fee budgets, caps, monthly retainers or hourly depending on the project and what works best for our clients.

We guarantee that our clients will never be surprised by a Drumm Law legal bill. If you ever have an issue with a Drumm Law bill, the solution is simple. We will adjust the bill to the amount that you feel it should be. It's that simple.

Our People

People first. Lawyers second.

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