Intellectual Property Law

We work with our clients to identify, protect and enforce their intellectual property rights.

Flat Fee Trademark Registrations

We charge one flat rate to file and monitor trademark applications.

Trademark Clearance Searches

We use proprietary search software to conduct a comprehensive trademark search to identify any potential hurdles to your trademark registration.

Office Action Responses

Having trouble getting your trademark registered? Too similar to another trademark? Too descriptive? We have succeeded where other law firms have not in overcoming registration objections.

Trademark Cancellation and Opposition Proceedings

Is your trademark registration being challenged? Do you need to cancel someone else’s trademark? We work with you to make the required filings with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.


We work with you to protect and prevent the unauthorized use of your intellectual property. From Cease and Desist notices to Co-Existence Agreements, we will work with you to protect your intellectual property.

Portfolio Management

We will track and maintain your intellectual property portfolio.

Copyright Registration

We charge one flat rate to file your copyright applications.

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