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Franchise trademarks: Is it time to revisit your intellectual property cornerstones?

Imagine you are going to an auction and can only bid on one of two items. Auction One is for the rights to make a hamburger with two beef patties, three pieces of bread and Thousand Island dressing, and Auction Two is for the rights to sell a hamburger under the trademark Big Mac®? Which would you bid on?


Introducing the 2017 class of Franchise Times Legal Eagles

People often ask what it takes to become a Legal Eagle. Well, it’s not easy. It takes experience, smarts and the wisdom to connect the two.


The Buddy System: 5 people you should get to know when launching your business.

Get to Know Your VC In this economic climate, it’s tempting to work with just about any venture capitalist who’s willing to give you the money your business needs. Lending is tight and eager investors are hard to find–we get that.


Lessons Learned During the 2012 Renewal Season

Love it or hate it, state registrations and renewals keep franchise attorneys busy during a large part of the year. Being a father of two, my clients’ daily phone calls of “are we registered in state X yet” remind me of my kids’ “are we there yet” barrage I receive in the car.


The Fraught Process of Naming Beers

Each new brewery that opens in the United States means new beers that need names. Finding ones that aren’t already taken or run up against a trademark isn’t difficult.