Jim Mizes, President and CEO, Blaze Pizza
Drumm Law is a difference maker. Michael and his associates provide timely and sound business counsel and is a valued business partner. Their use of technology and client focus is a refreshing approach creating VALUE for their counsel.

The Häagen-Dazs Shoppe Company, Inc.
Michael Levitz has supported our franchising business for more than 20 years. He is more than our legal advisor; he is part of our team, and understands commercial realities and business objectives. Instead of telling us we cannot do something, he works with us to find a way forward. In contentious situations I have frequently said that I was glad that Michael was on our side.

Chuck Pistor, President, Miracle Method Surface Refinishing
We have used Drumm Law for many years and it has been a pleasure to work with Mike. Now, I can’t say that about many attorneys! Mike knows his stuff and we appreciate his direct and practical approach to franchise law. He has played a big part in the expansion of our franchise and he has earned my respect as a true professional!

Mark A. Belanger, CFE, President Global Franchise Development, CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc.

When CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, INC looked to relaunch our franchise & licensing efforts three years ago,  we considered several franchise law firms,  we quickly realized the best fit for us was Drumm Law.  Mike and his team have helped us through every step of the relaunch process.  Today, Drumm Law has recrafted three of our eight brands FDD’s while completely over 100 franchise agreements and renewals including international agreements. With CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, INC operating, franchising and licensing over 200 restaurants & 70 restaurant breweries, Mike and his team have become trusted advisors in helping us chart the future of our brands.

If you are looking for straight talk backed by expert knowledge of franchising, licensing and brewery branding, Drumm Law team is for you.

Joseph Kim, Dae Gee
Drumm Law has enabled us to focus on what we do best while protecting us from all the legal issues that could arise. He is very knowledgeable and business savvy. His team assists in different methods and challenges me to think outside the box while being highly ethical and trustworthy. Appreciate all you guys do and would recommend Drumm Law to all my business partners.

Lane R. Kofoed, President and CEO, Assisting Hands
Mike Drumm is the best franchise attorney on the planet. The Drumm Law team takes care of business in an exceptional, professional way.

Brent Dowling, RainTree – The Franchise Growth Experts
We’ve worked with Mike Drumm with over 20 of our brands in the last 5 years. Mike and his team have a unique understanding in how to correctly position the brand to be attractive to potential buyers, while having an impressive amount of foresight to protect the long-term interests of all our brands from a legal standpoint. Personally, I appreciate the fact that he’s the type of guy you can grab a beer with and have authentic dialogue; you’ll never get B.S. with Mike.

Dan Frederick, BRiDGES Preschool
Drumm Law is second to none. Their incredible experience taking us to franchise was evident every time we went on to a new chapter. Very timely, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Mike Drumm was a pleasure to work for. Always a pleasure working with a company such as Drumm Law. Thank you to the entire crew!

Mike Johnston, Savory Spice
We’ve been a client of Mike Drumm’s since the beginning. He and his team have provided excellent legal advice and services for our company especially as it relates to franchising law and trademarking. Even as his law firm has grown, I can always rely on Mike getting back to me in a timely fashion to personally assist me with any legal matter. Thanks Mike!

Gary Brackett, Stacked Pickle
Drumm Law has done amazing work for our brand in terms of guiding the process of protecting our intellectual property. Mike Drumm’s helped close some very important loops in our franchising plan, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to strengthen their IP.

Michael Haith, CEO, Teriyaki Madness
We have had the pleasure of working with Drumm Law for years in the updating and registration of our FDD/FA. The team at Drumm Law stays up to date in ever changing disclosure laws as well as continuously educates us on the changes and potential impact to our system. They endeavor to understand your business and structure the agreement to create an ease of understanding for the Franchisor, Franchisee and the registration states that review it. Renewals are organized, simple and quick which resulted in dramatic cost savings for us compared to firms we have used in the past.

Oliver Hersch, CEO, Seniors Blue Book
Mike is the most reasonable attorney that I’ve ever worked with. He truly cares about your success and you can have a conversation with him about your family that’s not on the clock. I appreciate that. I feel fortunate that I have Mike and his team on my team.

Scott Walker, President, Screenmobile
Mike and his team at Drumm Law have represented the Screenmobile Corporation with sound legal advice, and guidance on various franchise law issues for many years now. When Mike says “I’ll take care of it” we know that we can count on him on his associates, to follow through with integrity on our behalf. Most importantly Mike is easy to talk to, listens to our concerns, and quickly grasps complex issues. Drumm Law is an integral part of the success of the Screenmobile Corporation.

Lucas Wagner, Franchise Times Corporation
Mike Drumm is the type of person you want to talk to when you’re looking for advice or an honest opinion. His experience, personal network and passion for knowledge puts him in a position to be a great asset for anyone looking to build their business or take an existing one to the next level.

Jon Cerf, Core Progression Franchise
Drumm Law has been a pleasure to work with. They have helped with FDD, trademarks, and state registrations. Not your typical law firm which is refreshing when it comes to working with an attorney! Would recommend anyone looking to get into franchising to utilize Drumm Law

Dean Angelo, Sport Lines
We are a small business in Phoenix and as such, I where many hats. Mike
Drumm and his staff led me through the process to complete the FDD and
enable the business to be franchised.

During the process, I had many questions. Mike and his staff were very
responsive and answered my questions thoroughly and in terms I could
understand. I found Mike and his staff to be knowledgeable, professional and
patient with a novice in this business. Additionally, he understood we were just
starting with the franchise endeavor and the fees were very reasonable.

I plan to stay with Drumm Law for our franchise legal needs and would have no
hesitation referring others to this professional law firm.

Jeffrey Stuffings, Jester King Brewery
Drumm Law has been really excellent for us. They’ve helped us with trademark, corporate and securities law, and the results have been stellar. They are smart, responsive, easy to work with, and cost effective.

Rassul Zarinfar, Buffalo Bayou Brewing
Mike is an incredible lawyer and a great guy too. He has gotten me out of quite a few jams, and I can’t express enough how lucky I am to have him in my corner.

He always takes the time to listen and truly understand each unique situation and drill into the core issues with insight perfectly tailored to me (not just cookie-cutter advice in passing). He has deep industry experience and brings it to bear with expert analysis that is a step ahead of the rest.

His work ethic is insane and compels me to be my best when working with him. He’s also a creative, lateral thinker like none other, and I’ve gotten myself into some really weird jams over the years and he always brings an angle that no one else has thought of.

Again, I can’t adequately express how fortunate I am to have him on my team.

Brian Dunn, Great Divide Brewing Company
Drumm Law has been very helpful to us over the past few years for our trademark work. They have taken a big work load off the brewery and we can count on the work being excellent.

Jeremy Tofte, Melvin Brewing
I first met Mike at a Melvin beer event in Boulder. I think it’s pretty obvious that if an attorney knows good beer, they know good law. I most recently had a beer with him at a Wu-Tang Clan show. Does your lawyer listen to the Wu-Tang Clan?

Ryan Scott, Odd13 Brewing
We have worked with Mike and the other fine folks at Drumm Law on a variety of things from IP to distribution agreements. They do a great job and Mike is an excellent podcast guest.

Kit Vinson, FranMan Franchise Manuals
We have worked with Mike Drumm and his team with several clients. Mike and his team have always been extremely responsive to FranMan, which makes our job of producing the franchise operations manual much easier. What’s more, when we speak to our clients about Drumm Law, we only hear positive comments. I recommend Drumm Law to any franchisor who is looking for an energetic, cutting edge franchise attorney.

Matt Hess, River North Brewery
I have been working with Drumm Law for several years now. They have provided legal guidance to my company on many occasions, including filing trademarks and reviewing commercial leases. I don’t think my business would be where it is today without the help of Mike Drumm and his team. They are great to work with, and more importantly, great at what they do.

Chris Hill, Odyssey Beerwerks
As a founder, and owner, of a small business in a crowded – all fighting to name and their products in that space – we needed guidance on how to protect our brand and avoid disputes and litigation. Mike has been invaluable in helping us navigate the potential pitfalls that arise with naming and trademark disputes. Additionally, Mike and his team have been a great legal sounding board for the many issues that arise for a small business owner (distribution agreements, contract negotiation, staffing issues, strategic direction, and more). Prompt, professional, and relatable counsel — just what you want in a lawyer.

Paul Reiter, Great Notion Brewing
Mike and his team of craft beer law and trademark law attorneys have been a huge asset to Great Notion Brewing! They are experts in making sure you claim and keep your marks and in helping guide you through the crazy world of hazy IPAs adjunct stouts from a legal perspective!

Doug Groves, Program Insurance Group
Drumm Law writes a fantastic Franchise Disclosure Document that is both complete and readable! We highly recommend them to all off our clients!

Rob Flanagan, Wag N’ Wash Natural Food and Bakery
I have worked with Drumm Law for close to decade with multiple franchise concepts. What separates Drumm Law from the pack is their personal approach and commitment to not only providing exemplary service, but also building relationships. With other firms I felt like we were just a number on their client list. With Drumm Law I am not treated like a client but a partner.

Lenny Krayzelburg, Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy
Drumm Law has been extremely helpful during process of franchising our company. They are very knowledgeable, experienced and affordable. We have always viewed the process becoming franchisor intimidating and challenging, but Drumm Law has really changed our thinking and made it smooth and relatively simple.

Jackie Bondanza, President, Hounds Town, Inc.
As an emerging franchise with limited capital, we at Hounds Town USA had a variety of legal needs but a small budget in which to address these needs. Mike Drumm and his team worked hard to ensure they met all of our legal goals within our budget, including completely redoing our FDD and franchise agreement, and even went out of their way to provide advice and guidance on topics unrelated to what they were handling for us at the moment. They have always answered every question I have, they’re easily reachable, and quick to respond when time is of the essence. When we hired the Drumm team, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing we have a strong legal team on our side as we grow our franchise.

Dave Claflin, Fastestlabs
As the Founder of Fastest Labs, I was looking for a law firm that could simplify our FDD, help me build an effective Item 19, tell our story and help me with day to day advice as they arise. Mike and David are the perfect fit for our franchise needs and have been a breath of fresh air with their humorous, corporate culture mixed with their rock solid expertise on everything from intellectual property, to state examiners, to the Do’s and Dont’s in this exciting franchise industry that we get to be a part of. There is only one franchise law firm for me and it is Drumm Law.

Charlie Kerr, Drama Kids
I have had the opportunity to work with Mike for many years. He is without question the most responsive, eager to please and client-oriented franchise attorney of all those with whom I have worked. He can always be counted on to produce timely, accurate and high quality work. In addition to his strong legal expertise, Mike is also a good business person and regularly provides insightful and helpful business advice for his franchisor clients. In summary, Mike is one of the very best, and is always a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking the best possible franchise-related legal counsel.

Shanna Barnes, Massage Heights
Mike Drumm has been the invaluable legal support behind Massage Heights since we first began franchising. As Corporate Counsel, I have the pleasure of working with Mike directly. I am appreciative of not only his expertise, but his ability and willingness to educate. Mike has been a generous teacher and mentor, which has ultimately enabled me to minimize our legal costs, while providing legal security for our franchise.

Patricia Zweig, Massage Heights
I have had the privilege of working with Massage Heights Corporate’s Franchise Attorney, H. Michael Drumm, since 2009 to the present during Franchise Disclosure Document registration season as well as the opportunity to coordinate and consult with him on all matters regarding franchisor-franchisee legal issues. Mike has been dedicated to constant improvement of our most important documents, has always taken the time to educate us, and has made himself available even while traveling to business events. I praise his work and his devotion to his clients. He is truly a Legal-Eagle!