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Super Bowl Trademark & Copyright Rules 2022

Sounds simple enough, right? Just wipe down the bar, turn on the TV, and watch your beloved craft patrons flow while your taps flow out. Like most things in life, it isn’t that simple, and legal…

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Why 9 30 is a better fiscal year end than 12 31 900x785 1

Did you know that your fiscal year can affect your franchise sales?

Check out our latest franchise question to find out why:  

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Franchise terminations and non renewals 900x785 1

How to Get Out of a Franchise Agreement: Ultimate Guide

They say all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, that plays true to many franchise relationships as well (though if it’s ending, it may not have been all that good, to begin with). Keep…

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The franchisee breached their agreement. Now what? The default seems plain enough, so why would I need a lawyer’s help?

So, your franchisee has breached the terms of their franchise agreement. What do you do next? While their breach may be cause for termination, you shouldn’t rush into any conclusions.  Otherwise, you…

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The Importance of Franchise Record Keeping

Why Do I Need to Keep Records? Keeping records gives you an additional reason to check and make sure that the documents are properly completed and fully executed. If a dispute arises, incomplete…

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Mistakes to avoid as a franchisor 900x785 1

Mistakes to Avoid as a Franchisor

There is enough advice out there for franchisors to fill many books. But we have a few hints from another perspective. Our corporate department at Drumm Law often gets called in to help franchisor…

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05 How has the pandemic changed Item 19 Financial Performance Representations this year 900x785 1

Item 19 FDD 101: What You Need to Know to Franchise

You should have a Financial Performance Representation, or Item 19, in your Franchise Disclosure Document. The FPR is the first step in the communication process between you and your potential…

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26 11 How do I know if I need a trademark lawyer 900x785 1

Buying an Existing Franchise: Everything You Need to Know

Congratulations! You have leaped into the world of franchising and buying an existing franchise. Here is how a franchise attorney can help you to prepare all the documents and solve legal issues. Do…

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Do You Need a Franchise Contract Lawyer to Buy a Franchise?

Yes, you should enter into a contract agreement with a franchise attorney by your side. The particulars of the FDD and Franchise Agreement require someone who can understand the legalese and help you…

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