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Super Bowl Trademark & Copyright Rules 2022

Sounds simple enough, right? Just wipe down the bar, turn on the TV, and watch your beloved craft patrons flow while your taps flow out. Like most things in life, it isn’t that simple, and legal issues may come into play (pun intended). Here are the most updated Super Bowl trademark & copyright rules in 2022. What are the Super Bowl Copyright Rules The NFL owns the copyright to the Super…

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How to Get Out of a Franchise Agreement: Ultimate Guide

They say all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, that plays true to many franchise relationships as well (though if it’s ending, it may not have been all that good, to begin with). Keep reading to learn more about how to get out of a franchise agreement without any legal troubles. How to End a Franchise Agreement Franchise agreements can end either by some form of termination or by…

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The Importance of Franchise Record Keeping

Why Do I Need to Keep Records? Keeping records gives you an additional reason to check and make sure that the documents are properly completed and fully executed. If a dispute arises, incomplete documents can cause major headaches for franchisors. Having complete records is also vital to running your franchise and enforcing your agreements. Without proper records, you may not be able to prove the…

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