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Is Your Chosen Auditor Legally Qualified to Perform the Audit?

With certain phase-in exceptions, federal and state franchise disclosure laws require that the FDD include an audited financial statement.  Some regulators have started to verify an auditor’s professional qualifications as part of the FDD review process.  Essentially, the regulators are checking to see whether the “certified public accountant” is actually certified, meaning currently licensed.…

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Confidential Information Clause & NDA : All You Need to Know

Confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) come in different forms and sizes, from stand-alone NDA’s to just a couple of sentences in a long commercial contract. Unfortunately, at times NDA’s are one-sided, overreaching, and create unrealistic obligations. Complicating matters is that vendors (e.g. supplier, service provider, consultant) often present a franchisor with an NDA which…

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