A common misconception about lawyers when it comes to business owners is that they just need a “business” lawyer that helps cover everything.

The reality is, when embarking on the franchising journey, whether as a franchisor or franchisee, it’s incredibly important to find a franchise lawyer who specializes not only in franchise law — but in your specific industry, if possible.

Just like lawyers who focus on bankruptcy law, or tax law, for example, a franchise attorney is well-versed in the legalese and best practices necessary to not only help with documents such as Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) on the front end, but also to help represent and defend franchise entrepreneurs whenever necessary.

When working with important franchising document — whether it be FDD documents, financial disclosures, liability agreements, etc. — it’s incredibly important to have a vetted, experience franchise lawyer to help guide you through the processes.

Having an experienced franchise lawyer can help make everything from renewing leases and setting up corporate entities to Franchise Disclosure Documents move more smoothly.

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