Congratulations! You have made the leap into the world of franchising, and have decided to buy a franchise.

A franchise lawyer will help you every step of the way in deciding whether or not to buy a franchise. The first order of business is to help you read the fine print of the FDD (franchise disclosure document) and your franchise lawyer will help you to understand all of the language it contains. This is a 23-item document that outlines all of the tiny little details of the franchise. Of special importance is Item 19, which may include financial performance representations that can help you determine whether or not the franchise is likely to make you a lot of money. The FDD also contains the Franchise Agreement. These legal documents are of extreme importance to the relationship between the franchisee and franchisor, so understanding it completely is imperative.

A franchise attorney like those at Drumm Law will help you make an educated decision about whether or not you should purchase the franchise. If you decide to buy the franchise, your lawyer will help you set everything up and also help intercede for you if something goes wrong through your franchise ownership.