When you’ve finally decided to start the process of potentially franchising your business, there’s a lot to consider. From contemplating potential franchisees to understanding the proper documents and protection needed for your business, the franchising process can sometimes feel more daunting than it needs to be.

But before you decide to franchise your business, you need to start by finding a franchise lawyer or attorney that not only knows your industry — but knows franchising inside-out.

Business entity advice

A competent franchise attorney can offer you incredibly useful suggestions how to structure your new or existing franchise business. When it comes to selection entity types, there are a variety of options: Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Subchapter S Corporation, C-Corporation, etc. Do you know the differences?

Selecting the right franchise attorney for your new franchise is crucial in helping determine the legal rights and liabilities as a business owner.

Available for protection

Nobody embarks on a new business venture expecting to fail. However, unforeseen circumstances (see: Covid-19) are always right around the corner. Selecting the right franchise lawyer means having the right team by your side if things happen to go south, for a variety of reasons.

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