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“Franchise sales compliance is critical. Because the stakes are so high, you want to be confident that your sales team knows exactly what they are doing.”

Are you a veteran franchisor looking to brush up on franchise laws and compliance? Are you a new franchisor in need of a reference tool for all the legal ins and outs of franchise operation? Are you someone who stumbled on this page by mistake but love reading legal-based non-fiction books? If so, the Franchise Sales Compliance Handbook is for you!

Penned by Mike Drumm, founder of Drumm Law, Franchise Times Legal Eagle, 1851 Franchise Legal Player, Certified Franchise Executive, and the guy at the conference giving a franchise law presentation in a tie t-shirt, this handbook is for anyone and everyone involved in the franchise sales process. Whether you’re looking to build foundational knowledge or just need a handy reference guide for exactly what that one pesky abbreviation means, Mike lays it out with straightforward language and as little legalese as possible.
As Brian Spindel writes in his introduction, “franchising is all about relationships. And relationships can be, well, complicated.” This book aims to make the learning process less complicated. You’ll encounter helpful graphics, interactive quizzes, plain English translations, and nuggets of insight in the form of “Bumper Sticker Summaries” packed into this 100+ pages of franchise sales information.

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