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From the brewers of legalese and the people who brought you BABOTYA (you’ve probably heard of it) comes the handcrafted legal experience you’ve been waiting for. Drumm Law has been working with breweries since 2010 (before it was cool), so we know a thing or two about the beer industry, and just like a cold beer on a hot day, we also know it’s best shared with friends. In our case, that means over 400 breweries nationwide.

Our team of beer-loving attorneys and legal professionals specialize in trademark law – critical for protecting your distinctive brands, unique designs, and clever names – as well as distribution and licensing agreements, contract negotiation, acquisitions, trade practice compliance, and label approval. Just starting out and need help forming an entity or organizing your business? We can help there too!

We’ll guide you through the trademark application process, review your contracts to make sure they are water-tight, explain TTB intricacies, or anything else your brewery needs, no matter if it’s your first mash or your final fermentation.

Whether you’re an established brewhouse navigating a complex IP or regulatory issue, a homebrewer looking to move into the world of professional brewing, or an ex-corporate staffer ready to leave the rat race and finally realize your brewing dreams, we are ready to answer legal questions at any and every point along the way.

If you have to be an attorney, a beer attorney is not a bad choice.

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