It’s hard to believe a law firm like Drumm Law exists. Attorneys that don’t wear suits. Attorneys you don’t mind having a drink with and who won’t bill you for the time. We rely on technology, custom software, quality people and low overhead. We do not have an expensive downtown office and the overhead that goes with it. We call, email, text, Skype, chat, “goto,” webinar, Facebook, Linkedin, meet, tweet and fax (just kidding we don’t fax, it’s not 1980). Drumm Law is a virtual law firm. Our attorneys are located throughout the country. Your business might be Tea, Seltzer, RTD cocktails, Soda, Juice, Mead, Kombucha, Pickle juice or Hotdog water… did we forget anyone? The point is, we have been working with beverage manufacturers for years and we have this stuff down to a science. Let our years of hard work and established processes save you money.