Lease Review

Our Lease Review Process

We offer flat fee pricing for our review and negotiation of your lease agreements. Our firm not only reviews lease agreements, but we also draft them, so we know exactly what to look for to give you the advice you or your business needs.

Flat Fee Services Include:

  • Review the Lease Agreement
  • Provide a redline of Lease and exhibits incorporating pre-negotiated business terms from the LOI
  • Up to one hour phone consultation with client to discuss the review on the lease agreement
  • Approve the Lease for final signature.

We charge a flat fee of $3,000 for the legal services listed above.

These excluded services and anything you need after we approve the Lease for signature will be provided at our then current Hourly Rates.

our lease review process

Please be aware that the following are not included in the flat fee:

  • Negotiation of the LOI
  • Lease negotiations as needed
  • Any phone calls other than the one phone consultation included in the flat fee
  • Post-signing legal advice and consultation

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