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What are Descriptive Trademarks?

So you’ve just been told that you may not be able to register your trademark because it is “descriptive.” What does that even mean? It’s my mark, why am I not allowed to register it? The best place…

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One of my franchisees wants to sell their business. What should I do, and what should I avoid?

Franchisors expect franchisees to remain in their system. The franchise relationship is built through significant effort by both franchisors and franchisees over a long period of time. Franchise…

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Super Bowl Trademark & Copyright Rules 2022

Sounds simple enough, right? Just wipe down the bar, turn on the TV, and watch your beloved craft patrons flow while your taps flow out. Like most things in life, it isn’t that simple, and legal…

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Mistakes to Avoid as a Franchisor

There is enough advice out there for franchisors to fill many books. But we have a few hints from another perspective. Our corporate department at Drumm Law often gets called in to help franchisor…

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Buying an Existing Franchise: Everything You Need to Know

Congratulations! You have leaped into the world of franchising and buying an existing franchise. Here is how a franchise attorney can help you to prepare all the documents and solve legal issues. Do…

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Commercial Lease Negotiations: Can a Franchise Lawyer Help?

If you want to open a retail franchise, you will likely need to lease some commercial space. And as with anything, you will want to get the best terms for your deal that you can. Hiring a seasoned…

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Why Have an Item 19 in Your Franchise Disclosure Document

No one wants to air their dirty laundry in public, but having an accurate Financial Performance Representation in your Franchise Disclosure Documents will help your franchise rather than hurt it. You…

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What are some tips for becoming a franchisor

4 Franchising Tips for a Franchisor

1 - Do your homework. Find a niche that needs to be filled and a business model in which you can be successful. You will do better if you are passionate about the product, so make sure that your…

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Importance of Franchising Industry Growth

The franchise industry has been growing exponentially, as there are many new opportunities available as a result of Covid-19. Entrepreneurs used the upheaval of the pandemic to create new business…

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