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27 6 How much does it cost to franchise a business 900x785 1

Owning Multiple Franchise Explained

You have probably heard the phrase “there is safety in numbers.” And this is true, even if you are talking about numbers of franchises. A clever business person can certainly own more than one…

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26 14 A complete guide to selecting the proper franchise attorney 900x785 1

Commercial Lease Negotiations: Can a Franchise Lawyer Help?

If you want to open a retail franchise, you will likely need to lease some commercial space. And as with anything, you will want to get the best terms for your deal that you can. Hiring a seasoned…

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05 How has the pandemic changed Item 19 Financial Performance Representations this year 900x785 1

Why Have an Item 19 in Your Franchise Disclosure Document

No one wants to air their dirty laundry in public, but having an accurate Financial Performance Representation in your Franchise Disclosure Documents will help your franchise rather than hurt it. You…

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26 13 How franchise lawyers differ from general practice lawyers 900x785 1

Franchise Lawyers Vs. General Business Lawyers

Although you might be tempted to scrimp on a lawyer because you are already sinking so much money into buying a franchise, this is not a good idea. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay…

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10 What does a franchise attorney do 900x785 1

What do franchisee attorneys do?

Franchise attorneys are with you every step of the way to protect you if you are thinking about buying into a franchise. When purchasing a franchise and signing an agreement to uphold the procedures…

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What are the benefits of franchising my business

What are the benefits of franchising my business?

Once you hit on the successful business model and you are experiencing some success in whatever business you have created, from food to eyelashes, it is time to look into franchising it. The benefits…

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What are some tips for becoming a franchisor

4 Franchising Tips for a Franchisor

1 - Do your homework. Find a niche that needs to be filled and a business model in which you can be successful. You will do better if you are passionate about the product, so make sure that your…

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Importance of Franchising Industry Growth

The franchise industry has been growing exponentially, as there are many new opportunities available as a result of Covid-19. Entrepreneurs used the upheaval of the pandemic to create new business…

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01 when does my fdd expire 900x785 1

Franchise FDD Expiration Rules by State

Your FDD will expire at the earlier of (1) when the new FDD is issued, or (2) when you reach a state or federal expiration date. New FDD Issuance Once you issue your new FDD, your old FDD expires.…

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