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Confidential Information Clause & NDA : All You Need to Know

Confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) come in different forms and sizes, from stand-alone NDA’s to just a couple of sentences in a long commercial contract. Unfortunately, at times…

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How to Find Franchise Disclosure Documents Online for Free

There are four states that publish FDDs online. California California’s search engine is slow to update, but every document associated with a franchise…

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How to Sell Franchises in Each State

I’ve just issued my FDD and want to start selling franchises with it. What are the next steps? This depends on where you’d like to sell franchises. Registration states require you to file your FDD…

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What is a Trademark Disclaimer?

A disclaimer is a statement that indicates that the applicant does not have the exclusive right to use a specific word of a trademark by itself. Disclaimers are required for composite trademarks…

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Required Financials for Your FDD

1. What financials are required for a franchisor operating in the United States? The Federal Trade Commission requires audited financials for the franchisor for the last three fiscal years before…

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Trademark State Registration

I don’t distribute my goods out of state. Can I still trademark my names? The short answer is YES! The Lanham Act (also known as the Trademark Act of 1946) is the federal statute that governs…

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Clothing Trademarks

Ornamental Refusal? Wait… what? Is your apparel graphic a “brand identifier” or just decoration? An ornamental refusal is when the USPTO refuses registration of your trademark because the specimen…

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3 Ways to Secure Your Initial Franchise Fees

To defer, or not to defer, that is the question. A blog on state registration financial assurance options. As most franchisors know, there are 14 states that require a registration of the Franchise…

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Non-Solicitation Provision In Franchising: Explained

What is a non-solicitation provision? A non-solicitation provision is an agreement that prohibits franchisees from lobbying or taking any employees from the franchisor or other franchisees. It’s also…

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