26 13 How franchise lawyers differ from general practice lawyers 900x785 1

Choosing the Right Franchise Law Attorney

A common misconception about lawyers when it comes to business owners is that they just need a “business” lawyer that helps cover everything. The reality is, when embarking on the franchising…

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26 12 Understanding the difference between trademark and copyright 900x785 1

Trademark vs. Copyright: What’s the Difference

When creating a new product or service, or even forming a new entity, understanding the differences between trademarks and copyrights can be vital. The first step is really a simple one: it’s…

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10 What does a franchise attorney do 900x785 1

What does a franchise lawyer do?

When deciding to embark on franchising your business, or franchising a new business, gathering all of the information needed before making the important decision of hiring a franchise attorney is…

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09 Top reasons you need a franchise lawyer 900x785 1

Why Do I Need a Franchise Attorney?

When you’ve finally decided to start the process of potentially franchising your business, there’s a lot to consider. From contemplating potential franchisees to understanding the proper documents…

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07 What is a Franchise Disclosure Document FDD 900x785 1

What is a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

Being an educated franchisee (or franchisor) means gathering all relevant information needed before making a solid business decision. And when it comes to the process of sorting through franchising…

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02 music in the restaurant 900x785 1

How to Legally Play Music in Your Restaurant

So…you own a restaurant (or any business open to the public) and want to play music at your location. Maybe it’s live concerts with local bands. Maybe you just want the ambiance of having something…

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07 working from home10 tips for a quarantined workforce 900x785 1

10 Work From Home Tips to Increase Productivity

Drumm Law and its team of 24 have been working remotely for 10 years. Here are some tips for the newly virtual. Get out of bed (literally and figuratively) Do not lay in bed with the laptop. That is…

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01 selling your business top 3 tips for getting the purchase price you want 900x785 1

How to Effectively Sell Your Franchise Business

So, you are thinking of selling your business, or part of your business.  Congratulations!  Now, take a seat and roll up your sleeves.  There is hard work and tears ahead (and not just for your…

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